This is Your Radar

A free tool for tracking how much you like or dislike different things.

This site got it's start from Thoughtworks Technology Radar and I used it to track my technology assessments and usage. However the more I used it the more I got ideas for other things I could categorize with this same concept.

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Why Is This Important?

If you don't pay attention to changing technology you can quickly find yourself falling behind the industry. We all need to pay attention to changes and continuously evaluate those shifts to see if industry changes help or hurt us. Thoughtworks came up with a great concept, the Technology Radar to help keep track of this. A technology radar lets you keep track of your assessments of the risks and rewards of various areas of technology, and by joining this site you can manage your own technology radar.

Have Multiple Versions

Your opinion of things can and should change over time. Keep track of how your interests and opinions change over time. Your radar history lets you and others see how your opinion has changed.

Share your radars

Your radar can be kept private or published to be visible to anyone on the internet. Sharing it lets others see what you're interested in, and how your opinions and how they have evolved.

See what others think

As other people enter in their own evaluations of things you'll be able to see what they have learned about the same things you are you are interested in.

Create and share radar types

This radar concept can be applied to other things also. Use your imagination and create your own radars to share your opinions.


Please check out my current Public Radars. or Sign in and Try creating your own